Vastu Shastra, An Architectural science.

Vastu Shastra is Architectural science founded in traditional Hindu system of architecture (ref from The advancement of Vastu shastra began alongside human civilization. Vastu shastra is as old as human development. Bunches of depiction about vastu is accessible in an antiquated book named as RIGVEDA of human civilization. In time of Veda vastu shastra orchestrated totally. Today the entire world is shocked while viewing the sanctuaries, castles, temples, repositories and private structures of antiquated times fabricated agreeing Indian vastu shastra. The reading materials of Vastu Shastra are records of oral customs which do a reversal into an indistinct past. The Brihat Samhita, for occasion, incorporated by Varahamihira amidst the 6th century A.D., depends on the power of Master Architects Maya, Visvakarma, Gargya and Manu. It is the soonest datable source on Vastu Shastra. The Vastu Shastra Upanishad is more major than the other known writings. It is a significant investigation of the standards of source of the “how” and “why” of structure figuration and of its definitive need and reason. Managing only with the structure and design of figure, it contains an elusive precept, in which the creation of Shilpa is considered as a conciliatory demonstration. In sage Pippalada’s origination, the dialect of structure is identical to the talked or composed word or “Vak” offering expression to a dream of awesome truth.

The basic five elements:
• Prithivi: Earth
• Jal: Water
• Akash: Space
• Vaayu: Air
• Agni: Fire

There is an invisible and constant relation between these elements used in making buildings.
Through corrective measures, one can get the maximum benefit of the suitable forces of nature and the five elements. People live happily in pleasant atmosphere. Vastu principles make an attempt to get full benefit of nature’s bounty. Vastu brings mental peace, happiness, prosperity and good fate to human beings. Vastu is the Indian science of Architecture.
Building a house in ancient India was not only a house-craft but also a sacred ceremony and the house was considered a living organism. The spirit of the house was called the Vaastu Purusha and different cardinal directions and sectors were assigned to different Gods like Brahma, Ishwara, Agni, Varun, Wind, Yam and Demon, since the waves flowing in a particular direction have a specific influence. Eeshan or north east is presided over by God and is therefore suitable for a prayer room. The southeast belongs to Agni. The central space is Brahma s and should be left open to the heavens. The head and limbs of the Vaastu Purusha are to be left alone too.









Vibhuti Chakrabarti’s written Indian Architectural Theory: Contemporary Uses of Vastu Vidya, is explaining how relevant click here vastu shastra in today’s life also.

Some Tips of Vastu:

Tips for Wealth

For good wealth energies ought to be strong at particular bearing that can give a help to your accounts. Investigate some critical Vastu tips to build riches:

North is focus of Lord Kubera-God of riches, so it is imperative to keep this bearing enthusiastic and positive in order to support great energies that raise wealth.

North-east or Eshaan corner must be liberated from any development and if conceivable build love room while on the off chance that it is not then keep this spot perfect and open.

Blocking East and North can tackle cash stream and discourage in your procuring limit along these lines expanding costs over riches.

Our home is a sanctuary and we can just profit by this sanctuary on the off chance that it is kept clean. Along these lines to trigger up funds it is fundamental to keep all the disarray far from house.

Guarantee that your home front entryway and passageway is not hindered by any shaft, wire, pit or other thing.

To stack your locker with riches, don’t develop over-head tank in North-east on the grounds that it is the spot for submerged tank.


Vastu for Success

Achieving success is the thing that everyone needs in each circle of life and taking after Vastu guidelines is the best approach to succeed in life. Vastu agreeable environment render all round accomplishment by making the living or work environment steady. In the end studies led in science answer positive surroundings of home and office contribute in accomplishment of detainees and specialists. A spot get to be sure with inflow of good vibes that more often than not originates from right heading.

A Vastu consistent work environment with everything at ideal spot and course can without a doubt render alluring results. Vastu sets out a few guidelines and standard which ought to be taken after at home and work environment productively to yield viable results and closure achievement. Some fundamental tips of Vastu for achievement are:

North is the heading for unending achievement, improvement and development, one ought to be acquainted with this bearing for general accomplishment in life.

Continuously confront North or East while eating, working, sitting and staring at the TV and so forth.

Lay down with head towards South and foot towards North.

Try not to impede the North-east and East locale of your home or office. In the event that there is any check, for example, dumping stuff or garbage material lying here, then clear it quickly.

Try not to leave space in West and South and if your passageway is in West or South then guarantee that there is no open space for overhang.

More space ought to be left in East and North so there is inflow of positive vitality originating from morning daylight.

In office laborers ought to face North while working.

Laborers ought not sit under uncovered bar.