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If you are planning to renovate your home and searching a reliable and perfect Home Renovation & Remodeling service provider, Anmol Decore is the right place for you. Some companies specialize in flooring; some will only remodel kitchens & baths; and others focus on painting or tiling. Only Anmol Decore is the company, you can rely on for having unique renovation & remodeling service in accordance your choice and expectations.

No matter how old your home is, some small updates can result in a new and improved appearance. Whether you opt to do it yourself or hire Anmol Decoree, paying attention to a couple of details around the house can make a difference. Anmol Decoree has excelled in the domain of rendering services regarding building renovation & repairing in Kolkata.

Home Renovation & Remodeling
Home Renovation & Remodeling

Our proficiency lies in offering unparalleled home renovation services in India. We are backed by a team of expert workers that is competent in renovating the properties of the clients as per the needs and desires. They consider factors like area, safety, environment, etc., while taking up the renovation process. The renovation services that these experts offer are incomparable in the entire domain.

We likewise offer of services relating house renovating in Kolkata that can really give an entire makeover to the property of the customers. Our redesign services are comprehensive of Wall painting, Modular kitchen, plumbing renovation and modernization, Electrical and lighting renovation, Carpentry, and so forth. These zones are managed extraordinary care in the timeliest way.

Now a day’s planning for property purchase can make you much more profitable in the investment. If you can purchase a lucrative location used property with half price then it will be much more sensible and you can avail all the main city amenities then to purchase a newly constructed flat in outskirts. Go for the renovation and interior decoration of the property and you will get a newly make over flat with in the lesser budget than expected.

Anmol Decore Kolkata can renovate your old house/ flat/ apartment with a new beautiful finish, so that it will be doubtful to distinguish weather it is old or new property. It can save your budget and make your property investment more sensible. Anmol Decore also offer services pertaining house remodeling and renovation in Kolkata that can actually give a complete makeover to the property of the clients. Our renovation services are inclusive of wall painting, modular kitchen, plumbing, electrification, carpentry, etc.

Home Renovation & Remodeling

Whenever we visit to an old property we thoroughly check the design and the structure stability of that construction. We tried understanding the client’s view and what our client looking for. Then a property inspection team visit there and provide us a detail report, after examine all the pros and corns of the structure. As detail knowledge about the property is very necessary for the project completion properly. We cannot have an idea of the plaster dampness from outside with our bear eyes. There are several damp detector high precession equipments, which can detect the dampness inside the structure which may affect the renovation in future. Then most important aspect is the structural strength of the building. Buyers are generally layman in the structural aspect or civil engineering aspect. So we must have to take the opinion from the structural engineering also.

There are main aspects of renovation services which inclusive of

Floor Renovation:

Uplift of existing floor by dismantling. Providing proper damp proofing material and then provide the appropriate flooring as per design, it may be vitrified or rectified tiles or marble slab or granite.

Provide the tiles on existing floor by using the tiles adhesive for the ultimate bonding. Concerning the load bearing effect we can also put the vitrified tiles on the existing floor and it reduce the cost of uprooting of existing floor and very short time bound process.

Home Renovation & Remodeling

Plumbing :

Plumbing work in a current home or old development is one of the primary difficulties we are confronting now a day. It isn’t just the consumption because of time yet additionally to use wrong pipes framework. Wrong pipes framework can make inner leakage which is one of the primary driver of moistness. Remodeling a Toilet we, At Anmol Decore always suggest providing the new plumbing system in the form of replacing the old internal water supply and sewerage line changes. Anmol Decore tries to facilitate the modern, cutting edge plumbing system in the redesign. For instance supplanting the conventional commode and cistern, we try to use wall hung EWC with concealed cistern,  which save more space and well ahead in terms of hygienic point of view. Creating zone wise (dry & wet) segregation make the toilet drier, clean and of course free from germs. Therefore changing the idea we can change over the old can into a cutting edge washroom. There are part of present day, up-to-date looking pipes installation accessible in advertise that can likewise be utilized for the excellent and keep up the advanced office in the washrooms.

Electrical Renovation:

Electrical is one of the very serious matters for residential renovation. It is an unavoidable in terms of security measures of a residential apartment. For old construction building the developers usually provided the conventional switches which must be replaced by modern modular switches. Then checking the electrical wire as per load distribution is very important. Most of the renovation we will change the existing wire by new IS approved leading branded wire. Then checking the circuit breaking system is very essential. MCB, RCCB this are much safer and user friendly then conventional fuse. It automatically switches off the electrical circuit during abnormal condition of the network means in over load condition as well as faulty condition. The fuse does not sense but miniature circuit breaker does it in more reliable way. MCB is much more sensitive to over current than fuse. Another advantage is, as the switch operating knob comes at its off position during tripping, the faulty zone of the electrical circuit can easily be identified. But in case of fuse, fuse wire should be checked by opening fuse grip or cutout from fuse base, for confirming the blow of fuse wire. RCCB is an electrical wiring device that disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the electric current is not balanced between the phase (“hot”) conductor and the neutral conductor. Such an imbalance is sometimes caused by current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and accidentally touching the energized part of the circuit.

For the lighting fixture we, at Anmol Decore always prefer to provide the maximum illumination but not the over light. For more light it is essential to consider the electric consumption efficiency lighting fittings. In this regards we mainly depends upon LED lighting fittings and fixtures. It may be recessed lighting for false ceiling or the surface fittings we always prefer the led lighting system.