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Vastu purush is the basic concept of vastu.

Vastu Shastra, An Architectural science.

Vastu Shastra is Architectural science founded in traditional Hindu system of architecture (ref from The advancement of Vastu shastra began alongside human civilization. Vastu shastra is as old as human development. Bunches of depiction about vastu is accessible in an antiquated book named as RIGVEDA of human civilization. In time of Veda vastu shastra […]

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Brillient Interior Execution

Hiring Interior Designer Is A Clever Thing

Why a flat owner hire an Interior Designer to decorate a Flat Now a day’s interior decoration of a flat is common matter. But the contemporary minded city like Kolkata though have a doubt that interior designer hiring is luxury or wasting of money. Here we can discuss why a man hires an interior […]

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POP False ceiling

False Ceiling

False Ceiling Idea Home Design A roof suspended a foot or more beneath the genuine roof to give space to and simple access to wiring and channels, or to adjust the measurements of a room called false ceiling. Effective building design requires balancing multiple objectives: aesthetics, acoustics, environmental factors, and integration with the building’s infrastructure […]

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