Interior Decoration and designing is not a fashion statement of to days life, it is essential and integral part of modern life. Kolkata is now become a cosmopolitan capital of West Bengal. There are many people of different culture gathered here for there job and work. Interior decoration in Kolkata has a vast scope of services in that specified field.Though contemporary middleman mentality of Kolkata’s people even now also believe that interior decoration is not their cup of tea. But thing is changing. High rise apartment and self independent high value bungalow projects making the change like a catalyst. Simple reason behind that when people put lot of their money to purchase a square feet of real estate property they want to full utilize the money by getting space management. Space management is an integral part of interior decoration in Kolkata. To days space constrain home area need more interior decoration and proper designing for make it cozy, lively and cheerful living space.

Interior in our Home & Office

Vastu purush is the basic concept of vastu.

Vastu Shastra, An Architectural science.

Vastu Shastra is Architectural science founded in traditional Hindu system of architecture (ref from The advancement of Vastu shastra […]

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Brillient Interior Execution

Hiring Interior Designer Is A Clever Thing

Why a flat owner hire an Interior Designer to decorate a Flat Now a day’s interior decoration of a […]

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POP False ceiling

False Ceiling

False Ceiling Idea Home Design A roof suspended a foot or more beneath the genuine roof to give space to […]

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